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rename in Namexif 1 none 4-Jul none 4-Jul
HttPhotos 1 Eisenbahner 4-Jul Eisenbahner 4-Jul
Camera Model for Option Please! 1 PapaZhan 1-Feb PapaZhan 1-Feb
Photos Blurry Before Clear 3 christoforest 12-Mar-2022 GreG 16-Mar-2022
Skipping files with no metadata 1 cstern 27-Mar cstern 27-Mar
NamExif hangs when processing videos 5 DIYser 29-Nov-2022 GreG 2-Jan
2.3 is amazing! video box disappeared? 7 F15DOC 5-May-2022 F15DOC 1-Dec-2022
Unicode highly wanted in NamExif 2 none 29-Nov-2022 GreG 30-Nov-2022
Command line functionality would be great 3 DIYser 10-Nov-2022 DIYser 29-Nov-2022
Namexif 2.3 infinite read IO on some images 2 DeeJayRandall 14-Oct-2022 GreG 31-Oct-2022
Namexif 2.2 2 GreG 17-Nov-2020 GreG 9-Oct-2022
Namexif Feature Request: heic support 7 Ted 23-Nov-2019 DeeJayRandall 8-Oct-2022
Namexif - Can't Rename Some Photos 3 greywolf 22-Feb-2019 greywolf 23-Feb-2019
Namexif 2.1 7 GreG 16-Mar-2020 GreG 22-Oct-2020
Namexif 2.3 2 GreG 27-Dec-2021 F15DOC 5-May-2022
Error: incorrect file name in windows 11 2 cmsailor 26-Dec-2021 GreG 27-Dec-2021
Namexif > Option to add 3 romsworld 15-Nov-2021 jian 16-Dec-2021
Next version? 4 cstern 25-Sep-2021 GreG 7-Oct-2021
why the long stall on some pictures (EXIF renamer) 2 cstern 6-Oct-2021 GreG 6-Oct-2021
Support MP4 videos 3 kmike 17-Sep-2021 zackertashia 21-Sep-2021
Namexif 2.2 slow 2 dd84 28-Jul-2021 GreG 30-Jul-2021
Namexif suddenly stopped working. 3 pygo 6-Jul-2021 pygo 7-Jul-2021
Special chars make Nameeixif crash 2 cstern 23-May-2021 cstern 7-Jun-2021
NamExif feature request 2 Carsten 6-Apr-2021 GreG 10-Apr-2021
Namexif 2.2 stops renaming 5 pohar 12-Jan-2021 GreG 28-Mar-2021
EXIF Editor 2 Steve 17-Jan-2021 GreG 18-Jan-2021
HTTPhotos 4.11 1 GreG 28-Dec-2020 GreG 28-Dec-2020
Namexif 2.2 Install 4 Steve 4-Dec-2020 GreG 5-Dec-2020
Are you also updating the EXIF app? 4 cstern 14-Sep-2020 GreG 17-Nov-2020
HTTPhotos 4.10 1 GreG 28-Oct-2020 GreG 28-Oct-2020
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