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April Fool's Day? 1 GreG 1-Apr-2008 GreG 1-Apr-2008
First Photos 3 jmk57 24-Mar-2008 jmk57 24-Mar-2008
Another question! 2 jmk57 24-Mar-2008 GreG 24-Mar-2008
httphotos 2.4 3 GreG 20-Mar-2008 GreG 21-Mar-2008
suggestion 4 nocarrier 17-Jan-2008 GreG 20-Mar-2008
NameExif 1.4 11 Mimi 4-Jan-2008 GreG 20-Mar-2008
New Member 2 jmk57 15-Mar-2008 GreG 15-Mar-2008
Install! 2 Trenarren 3-Mar-2008 GreG 13-Mar-2008
Namexif wins through 2 Voxmagna 1-Mar-2008 GreG 13-Mar-2008
Bug 2 moneo 1-Mar-2008 GreG 13-Mar-2008
Feature Request for Namexif 2 jeanclaude 27-Feb-2008 GreG 28-Feb-2008
httphotos 2.3 1 GreG 18-Feb-2008 GreG 18-Feb-2008
Date Format Request 3 Spuggy 17-Feb-2008 spuggy 18-Feb-2008
Changing order renaming 2 HaeMKa 17-Feb-2008 GreG 18-Feb-2008
YYYY-MM-DD HH.MM.SS 2 ledav 9-Feb-2008 GreG 11-Feb-2008
no conversion - missing 2 JPO71 26-Jan-2008 GreG 28-Jan-2008
Request for NameExif 1 vinomarky 27-Jan-2008 vinomarky 27-Jan-2008
Vista & NameExif 1.4 3 xinco 12-Jan-2008 JPO71 26-Jan-2008
Welcome! 3 GreG 5-Oct-2007 GreG 21-Jan-2008
standard folder - drag&drop 2 upsy 17-Jan-2008 GreG 21-Jan-2008
Name before Date 2 wperkins48 16-Jan-2008 GreG 16-Jan-2008
not a valid win32 application 2 Arun1976 16-Jan-2008 GreG 16-Jan-2008
Webpage suggestions 2 ander 6-Dec-2007 GreG 7-Dec-2007
Namexif 1.4 3 GreG 25-Nov-2007 jamesmar 3-Dec-2007
httphotos:// just released! 1 GreG 29-Nov-2007 GreG 29-Nov-2007
Use Case for photos with same Exif date 4 nightdrive 21-Oct-2007 GreG 25-Nov-2007
Namexif Update? 4 Paul 12-Oct-2007 GreG 25-Nov-2007
namexif 3 dfe 17-Nov-2007 kemetter 22-Nov-2007
Photo Gallery Software + Free Web Space 4 GreG 30-Oct-2007 Leo 14-Nov-2007
Tripod enquiry? 2 PAO1972 8-Nov-2007 GreG 9-Nov-2007
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