PhotoTalks: Skipping files with no metadata

Skipping files with no metadata

cstern on 27-Mar-2023

First - I am aware that you are busy and by no means I want to push you. I respect your time and understand that updates (if any) will be published when and if you have time.

That said, I would like to put attention to a thing that is a bit frustrating when using your fine program. If a file does not have EXIF information, it seems like the program would scan the entire file to find it. This will, obviously, with large files take a long time. Therefore I'd like to suggest for a future version that an options should be to ask the program not to scan for meta data if it is not found in the header of the files. Then it could be much faster when analyzing files which anyway don't have the information needed for renaming.

I could also be that it already uses this method. In that case something else seems to slow down processing of files with no relevant metadata.

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