PhotoTalks: Photos Blurry Before Clear

Photos Blurry Before Clear

christoforest on 12-Mar-2022
Hi Greg,

Thanks first for the great program.

One question is when I upload to the web the gallery I created with the program, and then look at it in a browser, each picture is blurry for a few seconds and then gets sharp.

It only does this once, ie. if I go back to look at the pictures, there is no blurry delay before it is clear, and I think this is because the picture has been loaded into the browser cache, making it seem that the blurriness is just taking time to load up the picture.

However, it doesnt matter if the picture is a large or small file, it takes the same time to load up, making it seem that maybe it is something else.

Any thoughts?

thank you

officerspock on 16-Mar-2022

You will sometimes see this when you first hit a page with photos. Most web pages are "optimized' to load photos/clipart rather quickly, but some photo album pages will show a lower resolution photo on first load. This will then typically get cached and future page loads will show proper photo resolution.

You may also see this when looking at a smartphone app like OneDrive. When you scroll through your photos and go to photos from a few months or years ago, they will first seem low res on your phone and then look normal as the thumbnails get loaded (will also notice when you click on a photo to view from online storage).

I'm sure as wifi speeds increase and devices get faster, this will be a thing of past!

GreG on 16-Mar-2022
Hi Chris,

John well explained what happens (Thanks John!)
HTTPhotos gallery first provides a low resolution while loading the High Resolution one. Once in browser cache, you no longer see the low and blurry one.
The lows resolution picture loads in no time, its size is about 30kb while the High Res is around 1000kb!

Maybe this behavior could be an option. I also heard that with some (probably old) browsers the High Resolution doesn't load.

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