PhotoTalks: Command line functionality would be great

Command line functionality would be great

DIYser on 10-Nov-2022
I wish such a great software had a commanl line functionality in order to be called from Windows Explorer context menu, where the desired folder is already open. Without this I already renamed files in a wrong place. Often I use the software in different folders and often when the previous folder has already been processed and deleted or moved. In this case the tree based browser starts from the very beginning. Currently I call from Windows Explorer a self written software that writes %APPDATA%\namexif\settings file and then calls Namexif, but would like to have this natively in Namexif.
GreG on 13-Nov-2022
Hi DIYser,
Good feedback; this is something in the idea list since quite sometimes. The fact you ask for it is a good reason to make it!
DIYser on 29-Nov-2022
Thanks. Could you make it an Unicode command line please (GetCommandLineW etc.)?

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