PhotoTalks: Namexif suddenly stopped working.

Namexif suddenly stopped working.

pygo on 6-Jul-2021
I've been using this program without any issues for many years. When i tried starting it today i suddenly get a window that pops up that says this:

** Script Error: ctx needs a value
** Where: init
** Near: ctx: do load path-settings
** Press enter to quit...

The application worked fine a couple days ago. I tried to re-download the app but get the same warning when i try to start the app. Im not sure if a windows update caused this or what. I'm on Windows 10. Many thanks for any help.
GreG on 6-Jul-2021
Hello pygo,

Please try the following:

1/ click on the "windows start" button
2/ enter: %appdata% <enter>
3/ this should open a folder
4/ select namexif folder and delete it
5/ restart Namexif, it should be ok
pygo on 7-Jul-2021
Hi GreG!

Many thanks for your help. Program works again!

Kind Regards.

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