PhotoTalks: 2.3 is amazing! video box disappeared?

2.3 is amazing! video box disappeared?

F15DOC on 5-May-2022
Thanks for this fantastic program, simple and easy.
I used it for a few days cleaning up literally tens of thousands of photo and video files.
Today I must have done something odd as prior when you boot the program there is a little box with an X in it that said something like "rename videos"... anyway... now that box is gone and it wont rename any videos, MOV/AVI/MP4, none of them.
Any idea what I did and how I get that video selection box back?
I removed the program from my files, redownloaded it, but no change.
Thanks again for this great tool!
GreG on 9-May-2022
Hello F15DOC,

Sorry I have no idea how the option box could disappear.
The only possibility I could be that you run an older version.
Can you make sure you run Namexif 2.3, I mean 2.3 is displayed in the window title?

F15DOC on 10-May-2022
Yes, I am running 2.3, its very odd.
I deleted and reloaded the program, same thing.
It says near the bottom "No Photos Videos Selected" and there is no check box. Or if I select a photo "1 Photos/Video found and selected" but there is still no box.
I could email you a screenshot...?
GreG on 10-May-2022
I think I got it: this option box is only visible on next screen!
Select one or more photos, then click Next and there you should have the box to tell whether or not you process videos
F15DOC on 14-May-2022
Hi GreG, I found the box on the next screen, was logging on to let you know but you already found my problem! Thanks again!!
F15DOC on 14-May-2022
The problem is that some of my videos even in the right format aren't showing up as selectable in the first screen... not sure what that is about, tried moving them to different formats with no help... anyway, that is more my problem than namexif. Thanks again!

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