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Namexif 1.5 2 mo 14-Mar-2010 GreG 23-Mar-2010
Nameixf v1.5 - GREAT Simple Program 3 jep425 5-Jan-2010 burtloh 16-Feb-2010
new release: httphotos 2.7 1 GreG 22-Jan-2010 GreG 22-Jan-2010
Space or underscore between date and time 2 robalain 3-Jan-2010 GreG 6-Jan-2010
Namexif 1.5 1 IQ79 5-Nov-2009 IQ79 5-Nov-2009
Test 1 sutt2m 18-Oct-2009 sutt2m 18-Oct-2009
Active X Warning Box in Browser 4 charliec 16-Feb-2009 sutt2m 18-Oct-2009
Going to a Folder 3 webghost 20-Aug-2009 none 22-Sep-2009
Loading the gallery 2 GWO 12-Sep-2009 GreG 14-Sep-2009
Feature Requests 2 DeadlyDad 30-Aug-2009 KEP 10-Sep-2009
Need adjustable color for arrow 3 Ronnie with a V 3-Sep-2009 Ronnie with a V 4-Sep-2009
Can not post in my web 2 Valdemontc 24-Jul-2009 GreG 29-Jul-2009
Feature request - rename based upon modified/created date 2 vinomarky 21-Jul-2009 GreG 23-Jul-2009
Namexif 1.5: Sequential Numbers instead of Time? 3 mpgabor7 7-Jun-2009 mpgabor7 9-Jun-2009
how to have multiple albums on one web page 4 tinybeads2004 26-May-2009 GreG 1-Jun-2009
photo gallery in a new web site 12 compa 21-Jan-2009 julibee 8-May-2009
NameFix with Prefix 1 Kimar 9-Mar-2009 Kimar 9-Mar-2009
The Size Optimum 2 sergio 18-Feb-2009 GreG 20-Feb-2009
Renaming freezes 4 atl 16-Jan-2008 GreG 26-Jan-2009
Sequence number to be added 2 Lee 5-Jan-2009 GreG 8-Jan-2009
"PREVIOUS" AND "NEXT" ARROWS 2 enduser 22-Nov-2008 GreG 22-Nov-2008
.tiff files ? 2 suggestion 19-Nov-2008 GreG 20-Nov-2008
Namexif 1.5 is out! 4 GreG 1-Nov-2008 movesen 16-Nov-2008
httphotos 2.6 is out! 1 GreG 13-Nov-2008 GreG 13-Nov-2008
MY ALBUM 2 wandirozaq 24-Oct-2008 GreG 24-Oct-2008
Namexif fix? 2 rhalljr 22-Oct-2008 GreG 22-Oct-2008
NameExif 1.5 and sequential files 2 Trevlar 12-Oct-2008 GreG 15-Oct-2008
Bug - Renamed to jpg.jpg 2 PhilB 9-Oct-2008 GreG 9-Oct-2008
Pasting Comments 2 sgz 4-Oct-2008 GreG 6-Oct-2008
out of range??? 2 smj276 2-Oct-2008 GreG 2-Oct-2008
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