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Photo Stack 2.8 and Firefox 4 Andrew 12-Mar-2011 KHILDOUS 24-Mar-2011
Saving Projects 2 homebasics 10-Mar-2011 GreG 10-Mar-2011
haii 2 bewafaa 7-Mar-2011 GreG 7-Mar-2011
Broken links 2 homebasics 1-Mar-2011 GreG 5-Mar-2011
Update on Broken Links 1 homebasics 1-Mar-2011 homebasics 1-Mar-2011
HTTPhotos 2.8 1 GreG 25-Feb-2011 GreG 25-Feb-2011
Save suggestion 3 homebasics 17-Feb-2011 homebasics 17-Feb-2011
namefix - existing batch file renamer with same name 2 none 8-Feb-2011 GreG 8-Feb-2011
Editing templates 2 homebasics 7-Feb-2011 GreG 7-Feb-2011
Httphotos crash 3 Loki 8-Jan-2011 Loki 22-Jan-2011
httphotos custom colors and publishing folder 4 wobblybob 17-Sep-2010 GreG 4-Jan-2011
Suggestions for Namexif 1.6 1 lcasarin 1-Jan-2011 lcasarin 1-Jan-2011
Need to post gallery on different server 2 webber 24-Dec-2010 GreG 29-Dec-2010
Change default settings 2 rsterbal 25-Jun-2010 GreG 30-Jun-2010
Namexif Rocks! 2 dwhogg 10-Dec-2010 GreG 10-Dec-2010
Firefox 4 sutt2m 26-Aug-2010 sutt2m 14-Oct-2010
Namexif not work :( 4 PAV 7-Sep-2010 GreG 29-Sep-2010
Unable to install httpphotos 2 guy123 21-Sep-2010 GreG 21-Sep-2010
NamExif 2 Marcel 29-Aug-2010 GreG 30-Aug-2010
Fantastic... 7 sutt2m 18-Oct-2009 sutt2m 26-Aug-2010
movies! and why not? 3 dainar 25-Jun-2010 elbastardo 14-Aug-2010
not an EXIF picture 4 atleastbehandy 21-Feb-2008 GreG 30-Jun-2010
help to embed the gallery into xhtml page 1 nwwoman 5-Jun-2010 nwwoman 5-Jun-2010
Don't rename already named photos 2 rsterbal 6-May-2010 GreG 27-May-2010
Httphotos lowers quality of photo/jpg-HOW to STOP 4 SmallJpegs 26-May-2010 GreG 27-May-2010
Prefix? 2 enafonja 4-May-2010 GreG 4-May-2010
How to have html photo gallery? 2 sigden 13-Apr-2010 GreG 14-Apr-2010
Nameexif missing milliseconds. 1 gocheer 14-Apr-2010 gocheer 14-Apr-2010
Httphotos Question - Folder Sorting 2 jjohnston2004 2-Apr-2010 GreG 2-Apr-2010
Namexif 1.5 fix 1 GreG 23-Mar-2010 GreG 23-Mar-2010
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