PhotoTalks: Namexif 2.1

Namexif 2.1

GreG on 16-Mar-2020
Namexif 2.1 is just released!

This version fixes a freeze issue reported on Namexif 2.0.

KelvinC on 2-May-2020
Suggestion: Hi, I've used you app for
a while to organise my photo's, but recently I've re-taken up a
interest in photography and started an on-line course to improve my
photo's. I was wondering if the next time you look to make some changes
whether you would consisted adding some additional Tag's like: ISO, F
stop and Shutter speed. Sorry if I put this in the wrong place, but I
couldn't see anywhere else.
GreG on 4-May-2020
Hi KelvinC,

I take your point of adding some more parameters. Only I'm wondering if
names would not look weird if we add ISO or shutter speed to it?
It's anyways a possible option.
domi on 19-Jun-2020
Hi, Greetings from Poland. Your program
is really great. It helps me organize a lot of my pictures.
I have a question because the rename of mov file not working. I have
version 2.1.
It will be great if Namexif would take "Encoded date" from a move file
and put it like a file name. I saw that program MediaInfo 20.03 can take
this date from the movie files.
Thanks one more time!
GreG on 22-Jun-2020
Hi domi,

Namexif 2.1 goes beyond EXIF data and seek for dates in video files.
More files will be supported in next versions. Please share a video file
so I can add support. Email to contact dot digicamsoft at gmail.com

KelvinC on 19-Oct-2020
How about including some Raw picture formats as well (mine is RW2, but I know there are others) and you only do MOV video's could you add MP4's
GreG on 22-Oct-2020
Welcome back KelvinC,
Yes, more format to be included, as long as a date information is available.

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