PhotoTalks: Namexif > Option to add

Namexif > Option to add

romsworld on 15-Nov-2021

Could you add option to rename only photo / only video. Perhaps, check box with extension file ?
Actually, a lot of peoapl is blocked with .MOV. I have 50K photo and sometime .MOV, and I can rename all with the parent directory.

Perhaps, could you download history of namexif to fix this, time to fix bug on 2.3 ?

Thanks for your work.
GreG on 16-Nov-2021
Hi Romsworld,

Appreciate your feedback as well as everyone.
I'm aware of Namexif hanging and going to improve this.
Your suggestion is a good one for a short term solution and I will do it in case I don't have time to do more.
But, I wish I will address the issue in an efficient way.


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