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Namexif > Option to add

romsworld on 15-Nov-2021

Could you add option to rename only photo / only video. Perhaps, check box with extension file ?
Actually, a lot of peoapl is blocked with .MOV. I have 50K photo and sometime .MOV, and I can rename all with the parent directory.

Perhaps, could you download history of namexif to fix this, time to fix bug on 2.3 ?

Thanks for your work.
GreG on 16-Nov-2021
Hi Romsworld,

Appreciate your feedback as well as everyone.
I'm aware of Namexif hanging and going to improve this.
Your suggestion is a good one for a short term solution and I will do it in case I don't have time to do more.
But, I wish I will address the issue in an efficient way.

jian on 16-Dec-2021
As we are talking about improvements,
I would suggest to adding from exif variable to the "pattern" of filenames, such fields as :

when you have photos from different cameras, it may happen that the same date and time will appear in the photos, which may cause overwriting of one of the photos and loss of something important foto

simple but very useful program - keep it up

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