PhotoTalks: NamExif feature request

NamExif feature request

Carsten on 6-Apr-2021
Hi GreG,
I´m renaming all my digital photos using NamExif since years. You would do me a great favour, if you could add the feature "add a consecutive number".
My name convention is: YYYYMMDD-xxx_hh-mm.jpg , and xxx is an ongoing number starting at 001. So I have the chance to re-arrange photos not according to the time (hh-mm), but as I like it.
Do you see a possibility to add this feature?
Best regards from Germany, Carsten
GreG on 10-Apr-2021
Hello Carsten,
First of all thanks for your feedback that i greatly appreciated.
What you suggest is a good idea and I will plan to do it.
Check around end of May for a new version, I should be able to make it.

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