PhotoTalks: why the long stall on some pictures (EXIF renamer)

why the long stall on some pictures (EXIF renamer)

cstern on 6-Oct-2021
I have noticed that some images which do not have valid EXIF information can take very long time to process (up to minutes each). This is of course quite annoying when processing hundred of images.... I don't know how it works, but if the reason is that, - when no EXIF info is found in the header, - the program scans the entire file to find the tags, - then it would be nice if an (optional) mechanism could be implemented where the user could ask the program to abort the processing of a file if no EXIF info is found within the first few kbs or so of the file (again, I am guessing, I have no idea how the EXIF tagging is inplemented, bit at least for TIFF images the tags are collected at the start of the file...
GreG on 6-Oct-2021
Yes, this is a known issue and I will look forward to fix it for next version.

Already mentioned here:

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