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Unable to login using HTTPHOTO 6 rmb526 19-Sep-2013 GreG 22-Sep-2013
iframe color 7 rmb526 11-Sep-2013 GreG 20-Sep-2013
end of the album 6 beloved73 5-Dec-2009 GreG 20-Sep-2013
Slide Shows 4 rmb526 13-Sep-2013 GreG 20-Sep-2013
Captions 2 rmb526 13-Sep-2013 GreG 13-Sep-2013
Red cross on images in gallery 4 the Off 11-Sep-2013 GreG 12-Sep-2013
Saving To Another Directory 4 timefighter 22-Feb-2008 GreG 11-Sep-2013
HTTPhotos 3.0 1 GreG 7-Sep-2013 GreG 7-Sep-2013
How can i made files name to Customiz format ? 2 koentjes 28-Aug-2013 GreG 30-Aug-2013
HTTPhotos; settings 2 Iz 15-Aug-2013 GreG 17-Aug-2013
great 2 greenarrow 3-Aug-2013 GreG 7-Aug-2013
photo gallery 3 Islandlinkz 19-Jul-2012 greenarrow 3-Aug-2013
Rearranging albums 2 shfam 28-Sep-2012 GreG 28-Sep-2012
Access Error 2 bekokv 16-Jun-2013 GreG 17-Jun-2013
Gif format for http photo 3 ironmonkey 4-Jun-2013 GreG 5-Jun-2013
Videos 2 Mati24 10-May-2013 GreG 5-Jun-2013
Why only .Jpg Fle Format 4 rsosebee 16-Oct-2012 ironmonkey 4-Jun-2013
http photo cannot open album 2 executorllc 20-Apr-2013 GreG 20-Apr-2013
Namexif : Brilliant but I've 3 begs... 4 PKempy 29-Jan-2013 GreG 14-Mar-2013
How to display the full size image above the fold 4 the Off 11-Feb-2013 Churchill 5-Mar-2013
Photo Stack Gallery Problem 2 aigor 20-Nov-2012 GreG 20-Nov-2012
Hemsagar 1 Hemsagar 1-Mar-2013 Hemsagar 1-Mar-2013
photos colums 6 gian65 23-Apr-2012 Churchill 22-Feb-2013
suggestions for Namexif 3 RalphBirch 12-Feb-2013 RalphBirch 14-Feb-2013
please add language file to make Namexif multi-lingual 2 joomlagate 11-Feb-2013 GreG 13-Feb-2013
1.6 Installation Problem 12 JBear 17-Jul-2012 GreG 31-Jan-2013
Namexif : French version ? 5 Laurent 28-Jan-2013 GreG 29-Jan-2013
Not Working 2 Larry K 19-Dec-2012 GreG 20-Dec-2012
HTTPhotos 2.9 6 GreG 20-Feb-2012 IBIAZE 10-Nov-2012
Custom format for filename? 2 Julius 31-Aug-2012 GreG 31-Aug-2012
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