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Namexif 1.7 21 GreG 4-Apr-2014 GreG 11-Sep-2017
Excellent programme, thanks! 8 Mihai 7-Jul-2017 Steve 7-Sep-2017
win10 recoursive not proper eworking 1 RePao 23-Jul-2017 RePao 23-Jul-2017
Handling of xmp sidecar files 2 Tiwas 22-Jul-2016 GreG 4-May-2017
Larger Photo Size 5 christoforest 31-Oct-2015 GreG 4-May-2017
Kumar kunjir 2 Kumar 12-Apr-2017 GreG 4-May-2017
is integrated with windows photo gallery? 1 serbarmax 23-Jun-2016 serbarmax 23-Jun-2016
Photo Gallery 6 ROSCE 23-Dec-2013 bhavesh 13-May-2016
Video 2 KOENIG 16-Apr-2016 GreG 21-Apr-2016
More than 100 photos 7 dwert22 23-Nov-2015 GreG 13-Feb-2016
Thumbnail Size 2 luxdeesse 19-Dec-2015 GreG 25-Dec-2015
Few more questions 7 Bidule 30-Nov-2015 GreG 8-Dec-2015
Edit gallery 4 Bidule 26-Nov-2015 GreG 27-Nov-2015
(FMR) Option format 1 Pacha32 11-Oct-2015 Pacha32 11-Oct-2015
how can I make a new account ? 2 sa 6-Sep-2015 GreG 9-Sep-2015
Feature requests 2 Tiwas 26-Aug-2015 GreG 4-Sep-2015
jpg extension 2 annie 29-Aug-2015 GreG 4-Sep-2015
suggest video renamer 1 kappa206 25-Jun-2015 kappa206 25-Jun-2015
Features needed for rename utility 5 David Roper 28-Dec-2013 PKB 24-Jun-2015
How can I return to my original website? 2 edith 16-Jun-2015 GreG 19-Jun-2015
BUG: Syntax Error: Invalid file 3 NZZZ 14-May-2015 GreG 15-May-2015
BUG: Error after open software 5 Fleandro 11-Oct-2013 NZZZ 15-May-2015
how print new data visibly into picture? 2 didiGo 9-Apr-2015 GreG 14-Apr-2015
Freez 2 Magioreddu 6-Apr-2015 GreG 8-Apr-2015
How to revert? 2 brshdmtl 14-Feb-2015 GreG 24-Feb-2015
Counter 2 maxheadroom 3-Jan-2015 GreG 5-Jan-2015
Wordpress 4 tishimself 21-Dec-2014 GreG 31-Dec-2014
BUG - Loss of Exif Data 2 profjekyll 27-Dec-2014 GreG 31-Dec-2014
Display original photos 2 BD 30-Nov-2014 GreG 1-Dec-2014
Namexif -> missing options 5 walterwood44 3-Jan-2014 GreG 14-Oct-2014
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