PhotoTalks: NamExif hangs when processing videos

NamExif hangs when processing videos

DIYser on 29-Nov-2022
The version 2.3 hung while trying to process MOV files from year 2005, from the camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-LC70. Unfortunately there is no option to exclude subdirectories anymore, so I cannot move MOVs to a subdirectory, process still pictures and then move MOVs back. Could you please return this option at least? because I understand, that there is no guarantee that NamExif will not hang on some other file types in the future. In this case I would have an option to move problematic files, but not far away from the original folder.
DIYser on 29-Nov-2022
Update: The problematic videos do not contain any EXIF and Kodi player on Raspberry Pi hangs, too, trying to play them.
GreG on 30-Nov-2022
Problem is understood. Next version relies on a new decoder, should be fixed then.
AJ on 31-Dec-2022
I'm also having this problem. It eventually gets through the MOV files, but it takes a very very very long time.

Interested in understanding why a decoder is needed to rename the MOV file? Don't you just need to scrape the exif data?

When do you anticipate a fix for this? Thanks!
GreG on 2-Jan-2023
Hello AJ,
The thing is that a mov file is not an EXIF file. It's another format.
I currently have a prototype but some more work is needed before releasing it.
You can check in 2 months for at least an alpha version.

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