PhotoTalks: Namexif 2.3

Namexif 2.3

GreG on 27-Dec-2021

Just released Namexif 2.3 which adds an option to process video files or not and also a better folder selector.

This is a minor release while Namexif 3.0 is not yet ready. In this future release, faster processing will be implemented in addition to some other improvements.

F15DOC on 5-May-2022
Where is the video selection box? It seems to have disappeared from my window when selecting files...
feliz8823 on 1-Jan-2024
Happy New Year 2024 to Digicamsoft

Thanks GreG released Namexif 2.3, its an amazing tool that helps me alot, people who like to keep their family photos in date order.

I will post to other social media platform talk about this software, since people only focus on mobile phone nowadays and forgot this powerful yet tiny size tool.

Namexif unable to rename video & photo with blank taken date. eg: computer image file without camera taken info. Hopefully new version 3.0 has improvement & flexible options.

Thanks powerful team for Namexif tool, cheers!
Navigator on 27-Jan-2024
Great tool. Works fine for JPGs.

My Lumix camera delivers MP4 movies with EXIF tags. Would be cool to rename those as well!

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