PhotoTalks: Namexif 2.2 stops renaming

Namexif 2.2 stops renaming

pohar on 12-Jan-2021
Sometimes Namexif stops renaming, without any error message. It still has a significant CPU usage, but nothing happens for minutes. Is there any way way to log/debug what is happening? Thanks
pohar on 12-Jan-2021
Also it can happen that during the second run the "Work completed" message remains as the status, but the renaming continues...
GreG on 12-Jan-2021
Hi Pohar,
Thanks for reporting this.
I'm going to look into these issues for next version.
punar on 26-Mar-2021
It happens every time Namexif encounters a .mov-file (iphone movie). It spends minutes reading even short (20-30MB files) before it continues.
GreG on 28-Mar-2021
Thanks for the feedback Punar.

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