PhotoTalks: Another question!

Another question!

jmk57 on 24-Mar-2008
Hi Greg,
I forget a question in my previous post, what is the size limit of the
uploads? In other words, how much space is available per your free
hosting? Do you charge for larger album amounts. I do have quite a few
photos that I could post up here. Also, who has access to these
photos? Is it only available to people that I give the url too?
Thanks again for the great software and hosting space!
GreG on 24-Mar-2008
Limitation is based on photos' quantity.
On Publish To Web tab, bottom right corner displays how much
photos are uploaded now and what is the maximum.
In your case, maximum is set to 10000 photos.
You benefit from our starter offer where you get an upgraded
account at no charge.

Anybody can access these photos providing you gave them the URL. You can
post your URL(s) here on this forum or some other forums if you wish.

Private albums are not yet available, this will come soon.


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