PhotoTalks: Date Format Request

Date Format Request

Spuggy on 17-Feb-2008
Congrats on a top notch program,
nice and simple easy to use.
Two requests can you change it so that the date format is MMM instead of
just MM.
1. For instance Jan instead of 01
2. I agree with earlier post, I prefer spaces instead of dashes too

Good job al the same, tried finding similar program months ago with no
joy. TVM
GreG on 18-Feb-2008
Hi Spuggy,

Thanks a lot for your feedback
We're going to deliver an "advanced mode" where user will have full
flexibility in output format. Your request will be included. But, using
month names, chronological order won't match alphabetical order anymore,
for example, April will come before January:
- 2008-APR-12 12:05:36
- 2008-JAN-01 00:00:12

Also, I will expect further requests to get in in other languages than
english! but it will be a next improvement again!
spuggy on 18-Feb-2008

Curse that alphabetical order, looking forward to the next release all
the same.

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