PhotoTalks: Install!


Trenarren on 3-Mar-2008
Hi, I am using namexif on
Vista home. My problem is I don=92t seem to be able to actually install
it!!! I need to run it from the download folder when I want to use it.
Have I got the wrong end of the stick here by any chance?
PS, it brilliant, love the simplicity and effectiveness!
GreG on 13-Mar-2008
Hello Trenarren,

Thanks for the positive feedback

Regarding installation, Namexif 1.4 doesn't need to be installed! It
runs directly from where you saved it.
Because Namexif footprint is very small, you can just copy it to your
desktop or whatever location is convenient for you, and run it from
Next versions will need an install so it will be possible to save user
settings, but Namexif 1.4 doesn't need an install.

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