PhotoTalks: ReViewerm


jmk57 on 15-Apr-2008
I have downloaded your photo ReViewer program. It is rather nice. I am
wondering if you could include some type of label system such as a
balloon bubble to put on some of the photos?
I know it sounded strange, but sometimes it is enjoyable to create
different effects and cartoon like photos? It is only an idea. Do you
have anything in the process soon for any changes coming up?
GreG on 15-Apr-2008
Hi Jim,
ReViewer is the first software we developed. It has not been updated
since awhile now and there's no short term plan to enhance it.
For now, our focus is httphotos which is a remake of ReViewer, but
dedicated to online publishing.
This bubbles/cartoon effect you mentioned is something we thought to do
for httphotos, I agree this effect can be fun for some photo albums
jmk57 on 16-Apr-2008
Hi Greg,
I hope that you do add some interesting new effects to httphotos. I
think it will be a widely used program for website albums. I do like
the fact that it is not bloated with all the extra junk that many
programs add on.

Thanks again,

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