PhotoTalks: First Photos

First Photos

jmk57 on 24-Mar-2008
Hi Greg,
I just added four butterfly photos that I took last spring.
I will be adding more. I need to search my archive hard drive for many
of my other photos. I do store all of them on an external hard drive.
I see that a new version of httphoto is out, I downloaded it, are there
any changes coming soon!
GreG on 24-Mar-2008
Hi Jim,

Good to see some of your pictures there! They are great!

Regarding httphotos, we release new versions quite often these days.
They are mainly to improve performances and fix some bugs, in short:
quality improvement.
I'm sure you're waiting for some more templates
They will come! Latest should be end of July 2008, but we'll try to add a
few in between.
jmk57 on 24-Mar-2008
Hi Greg,
Thanks for the info. I will be adding more photos soon!!!
I do like the templates!!! Is it a possibility to add a header on each
page, perhaps in your next update, possibly a field we could fill in
that will show a photo as a header or somehow that we could add a fancy
title at the top of the page perhaps?
Just an idea that came to me.

Thanks again for the information!

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