PhotoTalks: Easyshare problems...............

Easyshare problems...............

rpustelnik on 10-Jun-2008
I am a new Kodak user; first
time posting. I have read all the posts here and d/l'ed the Clear
program several times. Benn through hours of chasing the solutions on
Kodak's site, even talked to a support tech in Phillipines. He was very
eager to get off the line as soon as he told me to D/L Clear; said
everything will be fine now. NOPE!!
I see there's a Ron Baird who seems to want to help.
After all the different gyrations and another install wizard, I end up
with the same "setup failed......err code
Found another board where it was suggested to get Picasa. It worked
fine, but I still have videos stuck in Easyshare and I need them back. I
need help to either get easyshare working again or how to import the
videos into Picasa.
I really don't understand why this happened, as everything worked fine
until I had to do a sys restore a week ago.
I have a Presario, XP, sp2, 3.2 GB 448MB ram. Camera is a c 613.

Please help.
Desperate in Tampa.
GreG on 11-Jun-2008

...but I'm afraid I can't help. We don't use the products you're
Instead, we build products like httphotos to share digital pictures

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