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Feature Requests

DeadlyDad on 30-Aug-2009
Hi! First off, let me say how
handy this program has been for me. I dumped approximately 1300 photos
into it, then wrote a small script to group them into folders by date. I
passed both on to my sister who probably has ten times as many pics,
just as badly organized as mine. Wow, did that make our lives easier!

I have a few suggestions for the next version:

- Rename 'paired' files. For example, my camera saves both RAW and JPG
versions of a pic, using the same file name with a different extention.
Being able to rename both at the same time would save a *LOT* of

- Work with other file formats. Many other formats (like PNG) contain
relevant information that would be nice to access. For those that don't
(or those that haven't been added yet), offer the option to pull the
time/date from the file table itself. Personally, I would make such
data external, so that upgrading would be easier. For example,
downloading 'PNG.EXT' into the NamEXIF folder would allow NamEXIF to
know how/what to exract from .png files.

- Format string support. Instead of making users choose a pre-set
format, they can enter their own. For example,
'YYYYMMDD-%GPSLATITUDE%~03,2~-%GPSLONGITUDE%~03,2~-IIII~a~', where any
string delimited by percent signs denotes an EXIF tag value, and I is
the index for any photos which have otherwise similar filenames. Strings
delimited by tilde symbols represent formatting for the previous tag.
For example, '~03,2~' means 'format the previous number, using zeros for
leading any number with less than 3 digits, and rounding to 2 decimal
places'. Likewise, '~a~' means 'Index, using lower case letters,
starting with 'a'. This is obviously overkill for the regular user, but
offers advanced users options that could make their life a lot easier.
I would have the program save an .ini file that contains any format
strings that have been used, so the user can just pick any previous one
from a dropdown menu. One nice thing about switching to this style of
system is that you don't have to do everything at once; date/time/index
options will do for v1.6.

- Make NamEXIF scriptable. Have all of the options available as command
line parameters, either directly and pulled from '@COMMANDFILE.TXT' (as
certain symbols have special significance on the command line.) Also,
have an option to, as well as/instead of renaming the picture, output
can be dumped to a text file, with space/tab/CSV delimiters. Once you
offer the option to pull data from /any/ EXIF tag, this will make it
trivial to import information from a shoot into a spreadsheet, etc.
KEP on 10-Sep-2009
The format string is what brought me
here. Just tried Nameexif for the first time, and *love* it! Was going
to write this myself, but now I don't need to. <g> I'd love to be able
to tweak that myself. For me, I might prefer: "YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS" for
example. I know nothing's worse than validating (whacko!) user input on
things like this. Another thought would be to have a dropdown with a
few dozen variations, rather than just the three standard radio buttons
there now?

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