PhotoTalks: how to have multiple albums on one web page

how to have multiple albums on one web page

tinybeads2004 on 26-May-2009
new to your program and like it.
is it possible to have a web page set up so that I can have multiple
albums on one page? if so would this be in the html coding BEFORE any
reference to the http photo album?

I have one album on a page just fine. when I copied all the code from a
"test page" within my html editor to this page, it would show the
header for the second album but then broken links to the pics themselves
while the coding was still on my PC and all files were available within
the local website directory. I haven't uploaded this page to my
website yet because it isn't working correctly.
GreG on 28-May-2009
Hi Mary,

Sorry for the delay...
First, did you notice httphotos builds a home page linking to all other
Is it what you are looking for?
If not, can you detail what you would like instead?

tinybeads2004 on 30-May-2009
sorry for my own delay. I was not asking about your digicamsoft site. I
was asking about my own website. nothing has been uploaded to the web
so you have nothing to look at, unfortunately.
you had a conversation with "Jubilee" on May 9 2009. she wound up
describing something very close to what I'd like to have - a single page
with perhaps 4 to 6 album intro photos for 4 to 6 different albums.
when the user clicks on one of these album intro photos, the full album
page opens in the classic template format. clicking any one of the
thumbnails allows this thumbnail to enlarge w/ text underneath it.
we'd need to provide navigation from this album page back to the "main"
page with 4 to 6 album intro pages. then the user could choose another
album intro photo and be led to a totally different album.
so I think my two basic questions are:
how to I designate a single pic from an album as the "cover photo" for
this album? ...or not, see below.
how do I create links from beginning points on a page to multiple album
galleries within one page? I could use either the cover page from each
album, or a totally different pic ..this doesn't matter. what DOES
matter is that I don't know how to insert multiple http galleries on one
album page and have separate pointers to each of them.
you probably wind up teaching a lot of people some basic html commands,
and this may be what is needed in this case. your advice would be
thanks very much,
GreG on 1-Jun-2009
If you work with httphotos and create albums on your local drive, it
still creates a homepage with links to albums like shown on the demo
link above.
It should be located here:
My Documents\httphotos\index.html

You need to go to Publish To Web tab and build your albums from there.
Please let me know,

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