PhotoTalks: Nameixf v1.5 - GREAT Simple Program

Nameixf v1.5 - GREAT Simple Program

jep425 on 5-Jan-2010
I love Nameifx -- great simple
Many thanks for offering it for free.
(I would gladly pay for it)
GreG on 6-Jan-2010
Appreciate it. If you wish, make a
donation to sales@digicamsoft.com
Thank you very much!
burtloh on 16-Feb-2010
Hi Greg,

Thanks for providing us with a great utility (NAMEEXIF 1.5)for renaming
photos. Easy to use and works perfectly. I have a few features
suggestions / request for the next update.
1) Allow adding prefix to the file.
2) Allow user to choose date and time separators.

Thank you once again.

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