PhotoTalks: Fantastic...


sutt2m on 18-Oct-2009
Fab program very simple.. a bit
to simple but still great... I'm looking forward to see what new options
you bring to future versions of Httphotos...

So a big thanks from sutt2m !

http://suttronix.co.uk look at the Gallery button to see what this
program can do.. or visit my online album with Digicamsoft.com @
As you can see I think HL2 is fab too.
GreG on 19-Oct-2009
Thank you very much

httphotos version 2.7 in the pipe is mostly about increasing stability.
Then, mostly new templates, more template's options, ... but also some
other feature like password protection, badges, ...
sutt2m on 25-Nov-2009
I give credit when due ! and
Sounds great i shall look forward to using future versions ...
sutt2m on 25-Nov-2009
Oh and just to say this app.
works fine with Windows 7... All good...
GreG on 25-Nov-2009
Did you build any other photo galleries with it?
Just curious!
sutt2m on 29-Jul-2010
No not really but i have been
adding to the one on my site...I like the way the program splits your
gallerys up for you and diplays them together on the index page.
sutt2m on 26-Aug-2010
Can you look at my most tecent
post please GreG ?
I am having probs with firefox.

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