PhotoTalks: Active X Warning Box in Browser

Active X Warning Box in Browser

charliec on 16-Feb-2009
When I make a gallery, except
for the classic style, internet explorer displays the active x warning
dialogue box when it displays the page. I note this does not happen on
the example galleries so am wondering how to prevent this?

I am aware that I can turn down the security settings in my browser but
want to prevent it from happening to other visitors. Thanks for any
help, apart from this I think the software is excellent. It would be
good to be able to have some more control over where the galleries are
placed in the local system.
GreG on 16-Feb-2009
Hi charliec,

Thanks for reporting this, that's the first time I hear about this
problem. I'm sure you're not the only one having this issue though.
I have no answer for now. What you get on the demo is exactly the same
as what is generated on your local filesystem.
The only difference is that one is online and the other is local. You
would think that the warning should show for the online one!
I'll investigate. Did you tune your security settings yourself? If so,
maybe something is different between local/online?
charliec on 16-Feb-2009
Hi, I just uploaded my
galleries and the problem does not occur online, but it does happen on
the local system including with galleries burned to cd/dvd. I have reset
my i.e. security settings to default. I'm running i.e. v7.
sutt2m on 18-Oct-2009
This is normal ... and it only
happens offline... so dont worry !


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