PhotoTalks: httphotos custom colors and publishing folder

httphotos custom colors and publishing folder

wobblybob on 17-Sep-2010
I have just started using
httphotos to add a gallery to my website and find it excellent. I have 2
questions regarding configuration.

Q1. There is the possibility to select colors from a palett but the
colors I need to match my website are not included. Can I add my
personal colors?

Q2. When I click on to PUBLISH (to a folder on my computer), the default
directory is My Documents\httphotos. Can I change this to a different
directory on my computer?
GreG on 20-Sep-2010
Hi Wobblybob,
Even if the color is in the palett, it would be difficult to match
exactly the same. At this time, it is not possible to add a specific
color, but that's something we can provide in the next version.

The default folder is My Documents\httphotos. There's no way to change
it for now. But you can easily copy from it to another folder.

bbbbb on 4-Jan-2011
GreG on 4-Jan-2011
Hi bbbbb,
Is there anything we could do for you?

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