PhotoTalks: Photo Stack 2.8 and Firefox

Photo Stack 2.8 and Firefox

Andrew on 12-Mar-2011
I just installed Photo Stack
Flash Gallery with HTTPhotos 2.8 and Firefox is unable to load it. I
tested Firefox at the Adobe site and was told Flash is working
correctly. Two other people tested this too.
GreG on 12-Mar-2011
Just tried to make sure but everything is OK for me with HTTPhotos 2.8
and Photo Stack.
Would you mind upload to an account on digicamsoft.com so I can check?
Or provide me the URL to your website?
Andrew on 16-Mar-2011

As it turned out, I replaced the Stack Flash gallery with the HTML
gallery. And the HTML gallery turns out to be more suited for what I
need. So the problem is solved.
KHILDOUS on 24-Mar-2011

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