PhotoTalks: namefix 1.6?

namefix 1.6?

dainar on 25-Oct-2010
I have already congratulated for this wonderful program.
I would ask, when you can, if you can allow the copy and paste the
picture on the form of "photo selection".
I make this request because if I click on add files after I select:
- The folder (the program does not remember);
- Show details;
- Sort the files;
- Select the photos to my interests.
This should be repeated every time I come in form of photo

thanks in advance.
GreG on 28-Oct-2010
Sure, next version needs to recall settings.
This next version is on the way, on popular demand and support!
It's coming!
serverkudsk on 24-Dec-2010

I would like if the program can rename video for cameras too.
rsterbal on 4-Apr-2011
Do you have a scheduled date for
version 1.6 yet?

Thanks for the great tool

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