PhotoTalks: Undo


derekscambler on 12-Nov-2011
Is there any way to undo
the name change?

I shoot in RAW (NEF) and basic jpeg so I can view the images before
editing. This was the first time I have used Namexif and did not know it
didn't know it didn't alter NEF files.

I hadn't finished editing the photos yet and do not know which jpeg
matches which NEF now. I have over 600 photos and I don't know what to
do?!?! It will take me forever to open up each NEF file and try and
match them up.

GreG on 15-Nov-2011
There's no Undo in Namexif, it
renames according to your settings. You should have tried on a few
samples before launching it on a bigger batch process.
davidroper on 2-Dec-2011
Simply adding EXIF to front end
of name in RAW or JPG couldnot mess anything up. Stay the course,

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