PhotoTalks: Namexif not work :(

Namexif not work :(

PAV on 7-Sep-2010
Good afternoon distinguished author.
I spread samples of pictures that kill the program.

http://rghost.ru/2555015 password: 1234

Thank you for your work!
GreG on 7-Sep-2010
Thanks for sharing this Pav.
Going to analyze what's wrong with those pictures.
PAV on 29-Sep-2010
Hi GreG!
I noticed this problem only with the phone HTC Touch Diamond P3700 may
still lay out samples of photos?
GreG on 29-Sep-2010
Yes I found out that this phone doesn't record EXIF data correctly:
- Unknown APP1 segment
- Possibly corrupted APP4 SCALADO data
- Bad IFD2 directory
However, we'll provide a fix.

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