PhotoTalks: Saving To Another Directory

Saving To Another Directory

timefighter on 22-Feb-2008

This is a really good program...however

It would be nice to have the option to output the entire file to the
directory and drive of your choice (other than the default My Documents
Folder) and also have the ability to name the gallery something other
than index.html That name is usually reserved for most websites main

Is it possible to make these options available....?

The reason I ask is when I move all the files and try to edit them in
Dreamweaver 8, I can not get the links to work correctly. Any help would
be appreciated.

GreG on 22-Feb-2008
Hi James,

Thank you very much for this feedback.
Being able to save the gallery to another location than My Documents
folder is something we've planned, and it should be available by June
this year.

An option to specify the name of the index is also something we can do.

For now, the main focus is stability and performances, but we'll shortly
come back on functionalities and templates extensions.

rmb526 on 11-Sep-2013
The above comment and response
are 5 years old and the request hasn't been provided. I have the same
GreG on 11-Sep-2013
You're right, it was 5 years ago, it
reminds me the ongoing financial crisis at that time.
I will avoid to make a promise, all I can say is it's a good time to
suggest requests.

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