PhotoTalks: Unable to login using HTTPHOTO

Unable to login using HTTPHOTO

rmb526 on 19-Sep-2013
When I attempt to login using
httphoto, I get a message indicating "Wrong user or password" even
though they are correct. I can login to the forum with no problem.
rmb526 on 20-Sep-2013
I installed httphoto on another
PC and I can login from it. I uninstalled and deleted httphoto folders
and files. I reinstalled httphoto on my PC and I'm still unable to
login. I looked at the registry and I didn't find any entries that
could be causing my problem. Is there a secret file that is installed
on my PC causing this problem? If not, how can I fix my problem?
GreG on 20-Sep-2013
There is absolutely no secret files
and there are no reasons for uninstalling/installing to make it work
The Login only relies on having user and password set correctly AND the
capability of accessing digicamsoft.com from HTTPhotos.
This last point could be the reason why you can't connect.
Do you know if there could be a firewall activated on your computer
preventing HTTPhotos to read the web? Or if you need proxy
Is the PC on which it's working on the same network?
rmb526 on 20-Sep-2013
I don't have any problem logging in
to the forum. I don't have any problem with any other program. I
created a second account and I can't login that account either. I was
able to login when I first created my account and I can still access my
gallery using a browser.

My other PC is on the same home network.
rmb526 on 21-Sep-2013
You were right. I updated my Norton
programs and ran them and my problem is gone. Thanks.
GreG on 22-Sep-2013
That's good to hear

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