PhotoTalks: Namexif -> missing options

Namexif -> missing options

walterwood44 on 3-Jan-2014
(to have your own date&time format).

2.) When the option 'Add original name at the end' and 'Add
name(suffix)' will be used at the same time, than the renamed file will
look for example like this -> '20130101123522DSCF0000.JPG TEST.jpg' -
this means, that not only the original name will be kept, but also the
file extension - so the file extension is somehow doubled

3.) Would also be nice, if 'Namexif' would be able to remember the path
where I've renamed the fotos the last time.
walterwood44 on 3-Jan-2014
I have a number of very old
photos that were in photo albums my parents and grandparents put
together. Most of these photos date back to 1900-1960. I do not
recognize many of the people in the photos and would like to get help to
identify them. I want to create an album to put up on my current
family history website where visitors could view these photos and either
email me or to post comments. Is it possible using HTTPhotos to put
HTML within the caption (i.e.: <a href="mailto:...) or some code to redirect them to a comment form?
GreG on 3-Jan-2014
The good news is: you can use HTML
in the caption area!

ammu on 13-Oct-2014
i hav question that how to get the
code of html of custom gallery
GreG on 14-Oct-2014
HTML files are generated in "My Documents"\httphotos folder. You can get the HTML of your customized photo gallery from here.

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