PhotoTalks: Features needed for rename utility

Features needed for rename utility

David Roper on 28-Dec-2013
I am with Rolus ideas. I
would like to see the user be able to create his own string of
YYYY-MM... letters and dashes for the dateTime. I like this for
instance YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS---.

I also need the original name kept JIC, but be able to add a description
one by one. Like:
20130704-134522 Kay and David at Myrtle Beach DSC000024.jpg
dates for Video, and if No exif data use today's date, taken date, or
maybe no date if desired. Also need to keep last description to be able
to use on next one too in case it's 100 Beach Pictures on folder. Good
job overall. Congrats on current excellent ver 1.6. Looking for 1.7
now. So get to work.<g>
GreG on 29-Dec-2013
Thanks for your feedback, I'll
sure work in this direction, many people are asking Namexif to have
those features.
I hear you and I'll do it.
tednat on 20-Feb-2015
Is it possible to add to the new
name, camera's name and other special data included in photograph? (eg
shutter speed)
GreG on 24-Feb-2015
Hello tednat,
There is no such option at this time, but that's something to consider.
PKB on 24-Jun-2015
I've many many pics shot by my
Samsung Galaxy S1 and later by SGS5. Pics have date stamps as their
filename but many of them have EXIF date/time stamp missing. It make
sorting very difficult based on date taken so my request is can you make
it add EXIF date stamp from file name? Its like vice versa for what
your software does.

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