PhotoTalks: end of the album

end of the album

beloved73 on 5-Dec-2009
Hello all of us.
First, forgive my english.
Well I would like to know if it is possible to make an end when someone
visit my album. I mean, it is no end till visitors click on a photo and
it can last 1 hours till he understand that all the same image lol
Thank you very much
GreG on 8-Dec-2009
Sorry, I'm not sure to well understand.
Would you like something saying "end of slideshow" for example?
rmb526 on 13-Sep-2013
Perhaps the "next" and
"previous"links could could be inactive when at the last or first photo.
And, you could provide a "loop" check box to override that.
GreG on 13-Sep-2013
Got the point,
applicable for "Classic template".
rmb526 on 19-Sep-2013
How can I apply it to the classic version?
GreG on 20-Sep-2013
This is a functionality that needs to
be delivered in HTTPhotos in a next version, for now you can't set this

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