PhotoTalks: Excellent programme, thanks!

Excellent programme, thanks!

Mihai on 7-Jul-2017
Thank you for this extremely
practical programme. I had thought I would need ages to rename all the
566 pictures in a directory, but with Namexif it took less than one
minute. Besides, the programme is small and completely free. THANK YOU!

Best wishes,
Steve on 7-Jul-2017
What OS are you running, Mihai? I
had version 1.7 working in Windows 10 for awhile and then one day it
won't convert. It goes through each jpeg file and shows the date
conversion, but says "Can not rename..." Am I blocking a cookie or
something? I also use a VPN, if that matters.

GreG on 9-Jul-2017
Hi Mihai,

Thanks for the feedback

Hi Steve,

Possible there are issues with Win 10, I need to validate that and will
provide a solution anyway.
Steve on 25-Jul-2017
Looks to me like Namexif 1.7 was working fine in Windows 10 to around
January 22, 2017 (my last converted pictures). Maybe the Windows Update
around that time was the cause.

As the others have said, 1.7 is running through the photos with the
dates converted, it's just not saving them.

Can you attach version 1.6 so I can try that?
Bonnita on 15-Aug-2017
This is true, a lot has become
easier with this program!
Steve on 27-Aug-2017
I tried versions 1.6 and 1.7 on
another Windows 10 machine. Unlike my machine, I got this message:

** Script Error: ctx needs a value
** Where: init
** Near: ctx: do load path-settings
** Press enter to quit...
Steve on 7-Sep-2017
Installed Bitdefender 2018 tonight on my machine and a warning occurred
under their "Safe Files" protection feature. That notification did not
occur under Bitdefender 2017 so I did not know it was blocking the file
name change. I allowed it access and it ran fine.

However, if I chose a custom file format - such as YYYY-MM-DD hh.mm.ss
(as I had previously been able to do) it would not convert properly. And
the space between DD and hh was previously workable. Maybe something to
do with MM & mm?

Insofar as my Aug 27th comment, that machine is using McAfee so not sure
how to solve that one.
Steve on 7-Sep-2017
Should be entered as: (YYYY)-(MM)-(DD) (hh).(mm).(ss)

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