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Namexif 1.7

GreG on 4-Apr-2014
Namexif 1.7 is out!

It features full flexibility on format to rename by providing a simple
field for customization by user.
The user format is of course remembered after each use.
It also fixes the subdirectory checkbox selection for inclusion or not.

AlanR on 15-Apr-2014
Looks interesting - does this also
solve the mulitple filename extension that I requested?
GreG on 16-Apr-2014
I'll make a version for you doing what you requested.
AlanR on 16-Apr-2014
Brilliant - I will look
out for that once you got it ready. Think it might benefit others as
well. Thanks.
AlanR on 8-May-2014
Still waiting is it going to be soon?
GreG on 9-May-2014
Sorry for the wait Alan, I'm pretty
well loaded these days, will do my best to release this customized
AlanR on 12-May-2014
Thats ok - whenever you get a
chance - I hope the special release will be based on what v1.7 does now -
that would be super cool and I suspect satisfy most peoples needs in
that area. I work around the shortcomings now - but look forward to
your latest release with much anticipation.
AlanR on 14-May-2014
Just installed V1.7 and I like the
custom naming feature as I've chosen a format that makes reading date
and time so much easier, well done. Now just waiting for a b c
filenaming for multiples feature . . . . .
GreG on 23-May-2014
Please try this one:

It adds a,b,c... instead of 1,2,3... and no dash.
Now, it will probably crash if you go beyond z! I didn't address this
Hope it will solve your issue.
AlanR on 24-May-2014
Thanks Greg - sent seperate email -
no worries on reaching z - I don't know of a camera on the market that
can take in excess of 26 frames per second - but if one day they do then
I'm sure the rich owner will be only too happy to commission you for a

Hope this will be the standard way of resolving multiple pics with the
same timestamp.
Yanez on 12-Jan-2016

Thanks for the program! Its very useful and easy to handle and now even
I also wanted to mention some little bugs I found:
1. If in the custom-mode the last added character is a space, the "do
not use the characters:*?<>]:"-error is shown. An error where I
needed some time to get it, why it was shown.
2. If more than 1,73 GB (or maybe more than 690 fotos) are added,
nothing happens/ nothing will be added to the program without any
3. While the renaming-prozess the program shows: "please wait, work in
progress", which switches to "Work completed.". When the user now hits:
"again?" and adds other fotos, the program still shows: "work completed"
the whole time while renaming.
Best wishes from Berlin,
GreG on 13-Jan-2016
Thanks for the feedback Yanez
I'll take them all into account for next version.
Chanch on 16-Mar-2016
Thanks for the program it=B4s
super helpfull however I have a question, I need to edit the name but
else a sequency of numbers like xxx-xxx-xxx-#1, xxx-xxx-xxx-#2... but I
have a bunch of pics that are from different days and every day the
counters returns to 1, how can I maintain the sequency?

Appreciate your help
GreG on 21-Apr-2016
Hi Chanch,
This is very specific... Not sure how to help here.
boom on 22-Apr-2016
Hey, what's going on with this
error: Incorrect filename. Do not use \/:*?"<>|
Custom Format worked well, unless I typed space at end.
Now CF won't work at all, whatever I set up there o_O
Field has always yellow backlit and program refuses renaming.
dhutton on 11-Jun-2016
One of the big strengths of this
tool is its simplicity. I have a suggestion to make it even simpler to
use: support drag-and-drop of files into the main window, rather than
having to navigate through possibly complex folder structures to find
the desired images.
Steve on 6-Mar-2017
Hi GreG:
Am getting same character errors as Yanez and boom. Using Windows 10. It
worked fine last month (Feb 2017) but now will not convert. Says
"cannot rename... (JPEG)". I noticed that the Select Folder adds some '
to the directory. For example it says: C:\Users'\Owner\Pictures'\111
Download Area. When I open the directory, an example path uses forward
slashes without ' : /C/Users/Owner/Pictures/111 Download
Area/P1040808.JPG Hope these details help you create a solution.
Steve on 2-Apr-2017
I am assuming Namexif 1.7 is no
longer supported. Can I have a recommendation for a substitute? I have
PaintShop Pro X6 if that's of any use for renaming.
Steve on 7-Sep-2017
Installed Bitdefender 2018 tonight on my machine and a warning occurred
under their "Safe Files" protection feature. That notification did not
occur under Bitdefender 2017 so I did not know it was blocking the file
name change. I allowed it access and it ran fine.

However, if I chose a custom file format - such as YYYY-MM-DD hh.mm.ss
(as I had previously been able to do) it would not convert properly. And
the space between DD and hh was previously workable. Maybe something to
do with MM & mm?

Insofar as my Aug 27th comment, that machine is using McAfee so not sure
how to solve that one.
Steve on 7-Sep-2017
Should be entered as: (YYYY)-(MM)-(DD) (hh).(mm).(ss)
GreG on 11-Sep-2017
Thanks for the feedback Steve, this
can help others as well.

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