PhotoTalks: Edit gallery

Edit gallery

Bidule on 26-Nov-2015
Hi I was wondering if it is
possible to edit a gallery after it has been uploaded. Specifically the
text captions for the images.
GreG on 26-Nov-2015
Hi Bidule,
That would be a very great feature
Unfortunately, not available at this time, but this is something I would
like to have as well.
In the pipe for next updates!
Bidule on 27-Nov-2015
Hi GreG,

Thanks for the reply, Would I be correct to say that if I save the
galleries to my harddrive, I would be able to access the code and edit
the captions that way? and then load it on my server for my website.
GreG on 27-Nov-2015
Sure, you can do that!
That's not as convenient as if it was possible to edit straight from the

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