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HTTPhotos is a free software to make web photo galleries.

It automatically generates a web photo album from your photo selection and comes with ready made and customizable gallery templates. You can import photos by selecting them individually or straight from a folder, then you can rearrange them with simple drag and drop and refine your selection with tools to rate or exclude your photos. It also includes a photo editor for standard transformations like crop/zoom or rotations, adding captions or watermarks. All operations are non destructives and can even be performed from a read only media like a CDROM, DVD or even straight from your digital camera. HTTPhotos creates a photo gallery and save it to a folder where it generates all necessary thumbnails, resized photos, HTML code, SVG, Javascript. You're free to upload this photo album anywhere to your own web server or to host it on servers for free. HTTPhotos is freeware with no restrictions and both the software and generated web photo galleries are ad free.

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Version: 4.0

Size: 1MB

System Requirement: Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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Software Overview

The software is organized around 4 tabs that reflect a natural workflow:

Select and organize photos
Photo Selection This tab is the starting point from where photos are imported straight from the digital camera memory card, hard drive, CDROM, ... Photos are imported either by individual selection or from a folder. Photos can be excluded from selection, or rated in order to refine your photo selection. Rated photos can be exported to another HTTPhotos instance. It is possible to copy/paste photos either within the same HTTPhotos instance or multiple ones. This tab behave like a light table where you can organize your photo selection by thumbnails drag and drop. Any photo can be sent to photo editor tab.
Touch-up and captions
Photo Touch-Up This is an optional tab providing a basic photo editor to adjust luminosity and contrast or to rotate the photo to correct its orientation. You can also crop/zoom photo with or without ratio constraints (like square, 3/2, 4/3 which are photo standards). You can add captions, or apply filters like blur, sharpen, black'n white, color inversion, emboss, mirror. Some photo properties are displayed like filename, size, EXIF date, photo resolution. A slideshow mode is available to review the whole photo selection automatically.
Select and customize templates
Photo Gallery Template A photo album template is selected by default and this tab is to customize your web photo gallery. HTML, Flash or JQuery templates are available with customizable options like text font or color, background color or textures, image size or frame. A watermark can be defined and applied to all photos of the gallery. An instant preview gives an idea of the final result but a preview in web browser is also provided for exact and final rendering. Thumbnailing and resizing are cached in memory so the time required for processing is saved for the next previews.
Create photo gallery
Create Photo Gallery Here you set a title to your photo album and just click on a button to make the whole photo gallery. All photo galleries made are listed and linked there. You just have to click on one to open it in a web browser. Photo galleries are listed by chronological order. A date is set to each gallery and that can be edited at anytime. There are two modes: offline and connected. If you're offline, then the photo gallery is saved to your hard drive in folder located at My Documents\httphotos\. If you're connected via an account opened on servers, then your photo gallery will be uploaded to and hosted on this server.


How to get started in making a photo gallery?
Please check at this document explaining step by step how to make a photo gallery .
Can I use HTTPhotos for a commercial website?
You are free to upload photo galleries created with HTTPhotos to any website, including commercial ones. Please consider a donation!
How to update HTTPhotos to the latest version?
HTTPhotos will pop-up a message when a new version is available. You only have to download the latest version from this website and run the install setup over the existing installation. You don't have to uninstall the prior version.
Will I lose any web photo albums if I uninstall or update HTTPhotos?
No, uninstalling or updating HTTPhotos won't remove your photo albums whether it's local or online.
What is the User Account for?
The purpose of a photo gallery is to be online so people can view it from the web. You're free to upload your photo galleries to any web host or you can consider opening an account on to host your photo galleries. HTTPhotos is a DigicamSoft product and therefore we provide an integrated solution to make it a one click upload.
How do I embed a photo gallery hosted on in my website?
You can embed a photo gallery hosted on digicamsoft server in your own website, blog, classifieds, ... To do so, just copy/paste the following line, replacing demo by your own account:
<iframe src ="" width="800" height="800"> </iframe>
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