PhotoTalks: Are you also updating the EXIF app?

Are you also updating the EXIF app?

cstern on 14-Sep-2020
Are you also updating the EXIF app?
GreG on 14-Sep-2020
Your suggestions are still available:


Yes, Namexif will be updated as well!
cstern on 17-Nov-2020
A couple more suggestions:

When done, a pop-up could say:
XXXX files renamed
YYYY files processed

A log file could be (optionally) generated, logging which files were renamed

BTW, if a directory name ends with white space, NameEXIF will fail (as is also true for other special chars in directory names)

Looking forward to v 3 (or 2.2)

GreG on 17-Nov-2020
Hi Claus,

For now, focus is on extending supported file formats.
This is why Namexif 2.2 is out!
But I keep suggestions you made previously in mind.


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