PhotoTalks: NameExif 2.1 feature request

NameExif 2.1 feature request

cstern on 4-May-2020
I have been looking for this for a long while. Being a mac user I have
had great pleasure of using ExifRenamer for several years, and it works
great. Until now I have not been able to find a replacement for windows.
NameExif can do this. Being spoiled with ExifRenamer, I miss a few
features Therefore, I'd like to suggest the following features: 1)
Drag and drop (d&d a file or folder onto the NameExif icon should
load the file or folder as done now manually. 2) different ways of
naming files with identical EXIF timestamp: in ExifRenamer you can
choose either to do like you do, or to add 1 sec to the name until the
name is unique. 3) Move or copy renamed files to a new destination
(optionally keep original untouched). I would be happy to share screen
dumps of the dialog boxes if you don't have access to a mac.
GreG on 4-May-2020
Hi cstern,

First, you will be successful running Namexif or HTTPhotos on Mac using
Wine, so it could be possible to run Namexif on Mac.

Regarding your suggestions, that's interesting, especially 1 and 2. On
3, I think you can quite easily first copy a folder, hence leaving
original untouched and then work on files copied.

Thanks for the feedback!
cstern on 4-May-2020
Thanks. I don't need NameEXIF on the
mac - I have EXIFrenamer for that

I need (and will use) NameEXIF on my Win10 box.

Looking forward to possible enhancements. It is already great and very
cstern on 5-May-2020
Oh, and one more thing: Optionally (by a
check box, maybe), it would be nice if it is possible to rename files
without EXIF info to the date stamp of the file. I like that NameExif
skips these files, but sometimes it could be nice to rename all files -
to keep the name structure consistant - then the file time stamp could
be used instead of the missing EXIF date.
cstern on 3-Jun-2020
And one more: maybe could add a
"Cancel" button to the progress window. If one accidentally asks for
renaming the top level directory of the photo disk drive, and includes
subfolders - there is currently no easy (graceful) way to abort.
GreG on 3-Jun-2020
Good point.
It is always possible to close the application but a cancel button is
more friendly.

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