PhotoTalks: NameExif


JHS on 9-Jul-2020
I just came across NameExif - an
amazingly small, effective and usefull program with only 2 minor

Why is the programWindow so small. As I'm growing elderly the size of
letters is becoming increasingly more importent. My modest screen could
accept 10 times enlargement but 1.5 to 2 would be a really great

To circumvent identical filenames you ad (-#) to ensure unique
filenames, but this destroys the beautufull coloum arrangement
specified. This could be easyly be avoided by adding a new field e.g.
(---) to be used in this case. This would give one control of WHERE this
field is located and the FIXED WIDTH could be controlled with the
number of "-"s. If that number exceeds the specified width, just
increase the width, but never decrease it.
GreG on 11-Jul-2020
Thanks JHS.
Those minor improvements can certainly be addressed in a future version.
JHS on 11-Jul-2020
Thank - that is what I hoped

Another input to future ideas file.
MS har a field "CreateDate&Time" that is destroyed every time you
copy to another media (place). As you reads the Exif you might easyly
move that date into the "CreateDate". From my viewpoint it is idiocratic
that after a copy "DateCreate" is set to "this day" but "DateChanged"
may be several years ago.
To circomvent this behavia I MUST always use a non-MS copy eg. TeraCopy
(or learn to fiddle with ExifTool)

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