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Namexif 2.2 Install

Steve on 4-Dec-2020
I had 1.7 installed and running fine in Windows 10. Updated to 2.2 (uninstalled 1.7) and it will only run from the Downloads .exe. Is Windows Defender blocking it from full installation as a Program File?
GreG on 4-Dec-2020
Hello Steve,

As explained in this post, Namexif switched to "no install" mode.

"No install" means that the program runs straight from its location.
You can put it on your desktop for example but you can also create a shortcut (right click on the Namexif.exe to proceed).

Now, if you really miss the "install mode" it is possible to provide an additional version for this.

Thanks for the feedback, it's always appreciated.
Steve on 5-Dec-2020
So in ‘no install mode’, the .exe just stays in the Downloads folder or can I put it elsewhere so it doesn’t accidentally get deleted?

FWIW: The other day, I had to get an .msi file to install Snagit 2021 because Windows Defender SmartScreen blocked all attempts. In this case, added: /qb /l*v log.txt to the .msi path and it installed - just like the olde days.
GreG on 5-Dec-2020
Yes you really put the .exe where you want.
I must say that between false positive virus alert and certificates for installers, running a simple and safe exe file becomes difficult.
A solution can of course be buying certificates...

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