PhotoTalks: Namexif 2.0

Namexif 2.0

GreG on 29-Feb-2020
Namexif version 2.0 is out!
In this release, Namexif is able to rename some video files.


Please contact us to handle some more file types.
JohnPatrick1 on 14-Mar-2020
When renaming photos
with the same EXIF info, the NAMEXIF freezes.
GreG on 15-Mar-2020
Thanks for this feedback, going to fix this.
JohnPatrick1 on 15-Mar-2020
Thank you.

I was able to find an old version of your wonderful software (Version
1.6) on a rather disreputable website... but seems to work. Would it be
possible for you to keep old versions of NameExif available for
download ?

Thanks again for your time.

Best wishes.

John Patrick
Jacapaz on 15-Mar-2020
sometime freezes ( the old version
1.7 no)
maybe it freezes with video files

btw i have 2 requests:

1) drag&drop to add files
2) add days and months to the time offset

good job!!!
GreG on 15-Mar-2020
Below is the link to Namexif 1.7:


An update of Namexif 2.0 should come soon, please check this forum

GreG on 16-Mar-2020
Namexif 2.1 fixes the freeze issue
reported and that was happening in case of multiple same EXIF infos.

Thank you all for the feedback!

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