PhotoTalks: Customizing Gallery

Customizing Gallery

christoforest on 29-Aug-2019
Hi Greg,

The 4.0 version is a nice improvement to an already nice program.

I have a question regarding customizing the gallery in the layout tab.
There seems to be 2 options, but I keep getting the second one (big
photo, with smaller photos below) despite trying to choose the first
option (just single big photo).

Am I doing something wrong, or is there only really only one option at
this time?

thank you

GreG on 31-Aug-2019
Hi Chris,

As of version 4.0 it is the only layout option available, but the intent
is to enable the other layout in a next version (as well as adding some
more if possible).

Thanks a lot for your feedback, happy to hear 4.0 is moving in the right

christoforest on 1-Sep-2019
OK, thanks Greg
GreG on 21-Dec-2019
Hi Chris,

This is now available in version 4.4 !

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