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gian65 on 23-Apr-2012
Dear Sirs
i find your software very nice....only a problem: currently there are 4
columns for the photos: you can have multiple columns (6 - 8) and if
possible how can I make this change? Thank and best regards.
Gianfranco from Italy

GreG on 25-Apr-2012
That's really something we'll add
in next version, but it's not possible to do it at this time.
gian65 on 26-Apr-2012
thank for answer.....is very
importanta find a solution for that
Churchill on 20-Feb-2013
Auch ich w=FCrde
begr=FC=DFen, wenn folgende Optionen frei w=E4hlbar w=E4ren:
1: 5 Bilder in jeder Reihe
2: Bilder-Dateinamen-Z=E4hlung nicht mit "00" beginnen, sondern mit
"01". Begr=FCndung: Editieren der indexNN.html-Dateien f=FCr
Ver=E4nderung der Bildunterschriften.
3: Kopfleiste entfallen lassen, um Platz zu sparen (innerhalb anderer
4: Mehrsprachigkeit der Bild=FCberschrift, zum Beispiel in deutsch:
"Bilderfolge: 2013-02-14 Winterbilder; Bild 12 von 36" Oder:
"Bildergalerie 2013-04-22 Fr=FChling; 7 / 44"
5: Bild=FCberschriften linksb=FCndig oder zentriert.

Sind solche Parameter realisierbar? Zu welchem Preis? Wann?

In my lousy school-English (its nearly 50 years ago that I leaved
Even I would be very glad for getting some additional options:
1: Pictures in 5 columns but not 4 in every row.
2: Numbering of image-file-name beginning with "01" instead of "00":
There is no beginning with zero, first is "1" every time and at every
place of the world. Editing "indexNN.html" would be easier if picture
number "7 /44" would be found in file "index07.html"
3: I would like to not have a headline (saving space on a webside!).
4: Could we get a possibility to edit the line on top of the images?
Please see examples above!
5: Top lines left or centered?

Could it be able to get these options? What price? When?

Happy greetings from Markwart@Lindenthal.com
GreG on 22-Feb-2013
Guten Tag,

Give me a little time to figure this and give you a reply this week-end.
Churchill on 22-Feb-2013
Dear GreG! Many thanks for your
For files "IndexNN.html" I would rather like to get the picture-Number
into page-Titel:
<title>NAME OF GALLERY NN</title>

And other part of source code for design of the Gallery within my homepage www.kirchberg-nordhessen.de
would be:
I would like to show you "my" gallery, a little modified for my
homepage. I want to not waste place on screen but have large pictures,
no empty line etc.

Many thanks for your great program, best greetings fom Kirchberg
(Church-Hill) near Kassel, center place of Germany. Markwart

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